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Transformational one-on-one coaching for women who want to THRIVE through their menopause transition.

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Transform your menopause experience

Are you ready to feel rested and hopeful, empowered and strong, calm and grounded, confident and happy? My Thrive Through Menopause coaching program will give you the tools to get there as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

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"Hardly a day that goes by that I'm not leaning on the principles I learned from Rebecca."

Karen, private coaching client

How Does Coaching Work?

Thrive Through Menopause is my transformational 6-month private coaching program that includes 12 one-on-one coaching sessions over video chat so that you have the flexibility to call in for your sessions from your office, home, or wherever you can carve out 45-55 minutes of focused time.  

While the overarching program will provide you with the education, resources and action items you need to start feeling like yourself again, the details of each weekly coaching session are driven by your unique needs and challenges - and this is where the magic happens! We’ll set weekly goals, develop smart, efficient strategies for making those goals as easy to accomplish as possible, layer in high-level accountability, and then trouble shoot issues that come up as you get to work and encounter obstacles.

Our one-on-one sessions are the secret sauce that will take you from simply surviving your menopause transition, to THRIVING through your menopause transition.

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"Working with Rebecca has been a big game changer for me - too many positives to list! Rebecca has helped me learn how to put my struggles into context and set small goals to make lasting changes. She provided invaluable nutrition and stress management guidance and did so with amazing humor and kindness.

I truly cannot say enough about the positive impact Rebecca has had on my wellbeing, and I highly recommend working with her."

Jaimi, private coaching client

How Can Coaching Help?

The only predictable thing about menopause is that it’s unpredictable – there’s just no real way of knowing how things will go until you’re in the thick of it! Thankfully, my Thrive Through Menopause coaching program is designed to accommodate a wide variety of health and wellness goals so we can customize our time together to meet your exact needs. Here are some examples of things you may want to work on during our time together: 

  • Exercise and nutrition strategies for changing hormones and healthy aging
  • How to mitigate or minimize the weight gain that is so common during perimenopause
  • How to mitigate or minimize sleep disruptions
  • How to find a health care provider who specializes in menopause
  • How to implement recommendations provided by your menopause specialist or other healthcare provider
  • Strategies for managing hot flashes
  • Strategies for managing cognitive impacts (brain fog, etc.)
  • Strategies and resources for managing genitourinary impacts (urgency, incontinence, and vaginal dryness)
  • Stress management techniques
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"One day I wrote down in my journal exactly what I wanted: I wanted someone to come into my life, answer my questions, give me advice, hold me accountable, and set me on a path to success. The universe has a way of giving us exactly what we ask for. It's no coincidence that a few months later in walked Rebecca from Shift for Health.

A month into this journey I can truly say that her non-judgmental listening ear, sound philosophies, positive advice, and loving counseling have been exactly what I needed. After not trusting my body for years I am learning that implementing her advice slowly with small steps are making a difference. Where I used to need to nap every day, I am now up early with energy that lasts all day. My blood sugar is stable and I am already down one pant size.

The short explanation is THIS WORKS! I cannot overemphasize the gratitude that I have for the Shift for Health coaching program. This is hands down one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Thank you Shift for Health!"

Amylia, private coaching client

A Little About Me


For years I managed the stress of work, raising 4 kids (two with special needs), and life in general by eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate, ice cream, brownies and cake until I felt sick, which only added to my stress.

I’ve been so out of shape that I’d get discouraged even thinking about exercise, let alone actually exercising.

I’ve experienced intense insomnia that left me groggy, irritable, and prone to migraines.

I’ve had scary a medical diagnosis that left me feeling completely shocked and overwhelmed.

I’ve looked in the mirror and wondered whose body was staring back at me, because I had gained weight and didn’t look like myself anymore.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Thankfully, when we know better, we can do better.

I learned how to manage stress, fit in exercise, balance healthy eating, and work through self-sabotage. And now I’m shifting my health and wellness strategies to accommodate fluctuating hormones and support my body through the stress of the menopause transition.

And if I can do it, so can you. I would be so honored to help guide you through the process.

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I signed up for personal coaching with Rebecca hoping to gain a new perspective on my particular health issues. Rebecca was able to help me shift to a more positive and encouraging mindset: I don't have to set limits on what I can or can't do but instead I can be curious and try new things more freely.

Rebecca's method of incorporating meditation, imagery, nutritional information, positive reinforcement, and accountability helped me to move forward on my goals. Together we created achievable goals for the week and then I would report back on them. If something didn't work as well as we had hoped, we reworked the goal to help me move forward.

I really appreciated her professionalism, positivity, calmness, and the effort she puts into being prepared for each coaching session. I highly recommend working with Rebecca at Shift for Health.

Christina, private coaching client

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