Feeding Your Family Downloadable eBook

Improve your health by cooking from-scratch food in efficient, totally do-able, and delicious ways.

Feeding Your Family

Transform your health, one delicious home-cooked meal at a time. 

One of the most impactful changes you can make to improve your family’s health is to cook meals from scratch. I know you want to feed your family healthy, delicious meals but finding the desire, time, and brain space to make it happen can feel impossible. And that’s why I (along with health coach Sarah Mahaffey and registered dietitian Amanda Spackman) created Feeding Your Family.

Feeding Your Family is a 27-page comprehensive guide to cooking from-scratch food in the least stressful, most efficient way possible. The guide will help you:

  • Understand why cooking from scratch is important

  • Navigate conflicting information about food and nutrition

  • Encourage your kids to be more open to eating new foods

  • Shift your mindset around cooking and work through mental roadblocks

  • Organize your recipes for maximum efficiency

  • Plan meals that fit into your crazy-busy life that your kids will actually eat

  • Build your kitchen toolbox with tips and tricks to work smarter (not harder)

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