That Time I Finished Dead Last

healthy mindset Apr 08, 2022
Image of a kettlebell at Crossfit.

Last fall I returned to CrossFit after a 10-month pandemic-induced hiatus. And while I’ve been exercising regularly at home, there are a lot of movements common in CrossFit that I haven’t done in a very long time. Shortly after returning to the gym I did a workout where I finished dead last.

The workout was simple enough. All I had to do was carry two 35 lb kettlebells 100 meters, do 30 sit ups, throw a 60 lb sandbag over my shoulder 10 times, and then drag a 105 lb metal sled 200 meters. Repeat for 4 rounds total, all as quickly as possible.

While I was not planning to be the fastest in class (I never am), I was shocked to fall behind the rest of the group in the first round. Like, way behind. Embarrassingly behind.

As I watched the rest of the group leave me in the dust, I noticed my thoughts immediately turned negative and that as I became discouraged, my body felt even more sluggish and out of shape. And let’s be honest – that was the last thing I needed right then. But also, I know better! I coach my clients through this kind of stuff all the time! So I replaced those unhelpful thoughts with some better ones.

Instead of thinking things like:

“This is humiliating.”

“What’s wrong with me? Why am I so slow?”

“Why can’t my body just move faster? How am I so out of shape?”

I switched to things like:

“Well, it’s a good thing you always love a fitness challenge!”

“It’ll all come back quickly enough. Just stick with it. You’re doing fine.”

“I’m challenging my body in ways that feel new again, and that’s exciting!”

I wish I could say the helpful thoughts magically imbued my body with superhuman strength, but they did help me stay mentally afloat and apply all my energy to finishing the workout strong rather than feeling totally defeated. I walked out of there with my head high, knowing I put in a good effort and challenged myself – physically and mentally – in important ways. And that’s pretty much the whole point, right?

Our thoughts profoundly impact our actions and results, which means we need to be aware of how we’re talking to ourselves.

Are you encouraging or discouraging your efforts to work toward your health goals?

If you’re like most, your natural inclination is to indulge discouraging thoughts right from the start and not even realize you’re setting yourself up for failure, which is why coaching is so powerful. I show you how your thoughts are impacting your results, and then guide you through the process of getting out of your own way so you can finally have the results you’re longing for. It really is life changing. Ready to get started? Find out all the details here. I can’t wait to work with you.

xo, Rebecca

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