My Kid is a Genius. Here's Why.

healthy mindset May 01, 2022
Image of a lightbulb moment representing genius

My husband recently stumbled on an essay one of my kids was writing for school. And in the margins of the essay he had written little notes to himself.

They read:

“Change these later you absolute boss!”

“This should be more descriptive since it’s literally the point of the whole freaking essay. You can do it champ!”

“Don’t forget to add this and check the directions. And don’t forget to have a great day.”

“Don’t forget to expand on this part my dude!”

“Maybe add more here you magnificent lad.”


I asked him about these hilarious little notes to himself and he told me he was struggling to write the essay, so he decided to make it more entertaining and encouraging by writing funny notes in the margins.

And that’s when I declared my kid a genius.

What if we all approached our to-do list this way? Instead of seeing a long list of tedious action items to complete before the end of the day, you saw notes of encouragement and evidence of self-love?

What if your to-do list read:

Don’t forget to hydrate! You’ve got this!

Run 3 miles like the bad ass cheetah you are.

Put down the chocolate and pick up the vegetables you beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox.

(I may have stolen that last one from Leslie Knope, btw.)

I’ve said it ten thousand times before and I’m going to keep saying it: the way we think about ourselves and our health goals directly impacts the results we get.

So how are you setting yourself up for success?

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