Where's Sarah?

May 11, 2022
Health Coaches Rebecca Mudrick and Sarah Mahaffey

Hey all,

As many of you know, Shift for Health began as a partnership. For years my dear friend Sarah and I shared health tips, recipes, ran programming and coached right alongside each other. Our partnership was truly a match made in heaven – we absolutely loved working together.

But then the pandemic hit and the following months were clarifying for us both as we tended to the sudden and all-consuming needs of our families. After a lot of pandemic-induced soul searching, Sarah concluded that her focus was needed elsewhere long-term and we quietly began to make plans for Sarah to move on and for me to take sole ownership of Shift for Health.

From the beginning of our partnership, we prioritized our relationship above all else. And so it was an easy transition for us both: I respected and supported Sarah in her decision to move on, and she was genuinely happy for me to continue running Shift for Health on my own.

So where is Sarah? I suppose the easiest answer is to say that she’s where she’s always been: just a few blocks down the street, meeting me for weekly walks and constantly showing up as a wonderfully supportive friend. She’s happy and she’s thriving. And what more could I want for my dear friend?

xo, Rebecca

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