Welcome to Shift for health

Jan 01, 2022
Fresh, delicious mandarin oranges

Hello and welcome to Shift for Heath! 

I am so excited to share Shift with you and geek out about all things health and wellness as it relates to mid-life and the menopause transition. Well, maybe not actually all the things. As a super busy working mama with four boys, I totally get that there is limited time in the day to focus on health and well-being. Which is why I'm passionate about providing well-researched, curated and reasonable (aka totally do-able!) information to my community and clients. So maybe instead I should say that I'm excited to geek out about small, simple changes we can each make that over time create huge shifts in our energy, sleep, weight, digestion, and overall menopause experience. Because when it comes to better health, slow and steady always wins the race.



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