What's a Health Coach and Why Do You Need One?

Jan 07, 2022
Women researching the benefits of health coaching on her computer

When I started telling my friends and family that I had decided to get my health coaching certification, the reaction typically went like this: “Wow!  Congratulations!  Soooooooo, um, what’s a health coach?”

Hahaha, good question!

So, what is a health coach?

A health coach is someone who actively listens to your health-related frustrations and your dreams for how you would like to feel in your body. Then, a health coach provides a do-able, structured plan for helping you meet your goals, cheers you on and holds you accountable all while keeping you focused on your motivation for wanting to up-level your life.  In a nutshell, health coaches provide the right program, the right support and the right accountability to help you create long-term transformation.

I know first-hand the power of good programming, support and accountability and have experienced profound transformations in my own health and well-being.  I have also experienced the frustration of bad programming, mediocre support and minimal accountability – which nearly always feels like a waste of money and time that I chalk up to a “learning experience” in an effort to feel better about the experience.  Both the positive impact of good programming and the defeat from my less-than-ideal experiences over the years are huge motivating factors in the creation of Shift for Health.

So why should you work with a health coach?

Because habit change is HARD to achieve on your own. Many of us already have an inkling of what we should be doing to feel better in our bodies, but we either don’t keep it up long-term or never even get past the “thinking about it” stage.

I understand both your deep desire for change and how your brain is hardwired to keep you from changing. I help you navigate those sticky moments when change feels scary, or self-sabotage feels imminent. I help you make the right changes at the right time to keep you focused and motivated to create long-term transformation.

xo, Rebecca

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