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menopause education Mar 29, 2023
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When I decided to dive head first into all things menopause, I had no idea how hungry women were for menopause information.

I mean, I knew I was absolutely ravenous for information. But the level of, "Oh-my-gosh-what's-happening-to-me-and-when-will-it-end-and-what-can-I-do-about-it" has exceeded my expectations.

My poor (and endlessly patient) husband has had to sit through so many impromptu rapid-fire Q&A sessions in the unlikeliest of places.

What’s crazy about these conversations is how basic they are. Women aren’t asking the kind of questions you’d expect based on the fact that menopause is coming for us all eventually and can have tremendous impact on our physical and mental wellbeing.

You’d think we would have some process for educating women about their bodies so that at least we'd get some foundational information. Or that our matriarchs would be eager to pass on their menopause wisdom to women about to begin "the change".

Instead, nearly all of us go into the experience totally blind. And so, I decided to embrace the mantra: If not me, who? If not now, when?

(Although, maybe “now” doesn’t need to be in line at Jeni’s with all my kids in tow. I may need to revamp my definition of “now” just a little bit.)

Some menopause topics are easier to tackle than others, and one that’s particularly challenging is menopause hormone therapy, or MHT. MHT has a complicated past, is rife with misinformation, and stirs up Really Big Feelings for women and health practitioners alike.

Which is why tackling just the foundational information turned into the SEVEN conversational-style emails I sent out last fall.

The email series was so well received that I knew I needed to make the information available to everyone. Annnnnd … maybe I also got tired of forwarding each email individually to women in my DM’s wanting advice on hormone therapy. 😘

All this to say, my email series on menopause hormone therapy is now available as a freebie on my website! Hooray!

The emails take a nuanced, thoughtful look at menopause hormone therapy from a wide variety of angles and are designed to give you a more complete picture of a complicated topic - certainly more complete than you’re going to get during a rushed 15-minute doctor's appointment or from the social media influencer who's inadvertently spreading misinformation.

Click HERE to sign up for the free series!

Because you deserve to know what your options are, how to think about the risks and benefits of hormone therapy, and what misinformation and/or deceptive marketing practices you're bound to come across.

xo, Rebecca

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